Baptism Process

Baptism is a beautiful Sacrament that is the foundation for all of the Sacraments in the Church.
To begin the process of Baptism, 3 documents are needed:

1. Baptism Application Form
2. Godparent Eligibility Form
3. A copy of the birth certificate

The Baptism Application and Godparent Eligibility Form are available at Saint John XXIII by contacting Heidi Evans. (Use the form below)

It is also required that the child’s parents and godparents attend a baptism class.  Please use the contact form below to find more information about baptism class dates and to register for a class.

If the godparents do not live locally, or do not attend Saint John XXIII, they are free to attend a baptism class at their local parish.

Once the baptism class is completed and all forms submitted, an individual meeting with each family is scheduled.

After all of the above requirements have been met, the baptism date can be scheduled.  Since a birth certificate is a required part of the paperwork, baptism dates are not scheduled until 6 weeks after the baby’s birth.

Staff Contact: Heidi Evans
970-484-3356 ext. 101