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Saint John XXIII library, serves as a core resource to strengthen the faith of our Catholic faith community. We offer a variety materials to readers of all ages.
*Other members of the larger Fort Collins community may use the resources if they have a local phone number or email address.


We offer a variety of resources including: books, videos, digital discs and other products.   Few fiction titles are included.  Strong areas in the collection include bible commentaries and studies, spirituality, biographies and autobiographies.  A special collection of ‘Holy Land’ resources  includes guides, histories, and maps.  Young readers are welcome to explore the books and videos in the ‘J’ section.

*When available, use of online resources and digital products is encouraged in place of the acquisition of printed materials. For example, the complete Catechism of the Catholic Church is available online along with many other church documents and reference tools.


This library is a small satellite of the Cardinal Stafford Library at St. John Vianney Seminary in Denver.  The Stafford Library acts as a guide for developing the collection and processing materials.  Preference is given to materials issued during the past twenty-five years unless they are classics in the field.
* Please note: we accept gift items if they are in good condition, fit the collection policy, and do not duplicate existing items.

Locating Materials:

We have over 3,500 titles in our collection. To locate materials, we have two notebooks on the library counter by the entrance.  One notebook includes three lists, one by authors, one by titles, and one by subjects.  Note that titles that begin with articles such as “A,” “An,” and “The” are not used in the filing.  To locate an item on the shelf from any of the lists you need to note the classification number, e.g. 262.1 ; plus the first three letters of the author’s last name, e.g. Nou  = Nouwen. The complete shelf location would be 262.1Nou. Biographies are shelved by their subjects (not their authors) name.  282.092 Ber  St. Bernadette  or 282.092 Ter  Mother Teresa
All materials in the DVD format have the prefix “VD” and are also listed in the “Browse for DVDs” notebook.  Photocopies of the DVD container covers are filed in the notebook. For getting a DVD fill out a “request slip” and drop it in the checkout box.  You will be notified when the DVD is available.

Prefixes to Classification Numbers:
VC=Video cassette (VHS); VD=DVD; CD=Compact audio disc; GC=Group collection; J=Young readers resources; R=Reference collection

Checking Out Materials:

The loan period for materials is one month. There is a checkout card for all library materials (books, audio and video items) in each item on the shelves. Please fill out the card by printing your name, phone number, and the current date. Deposit the card in the check-out box on the counter by the book shelves. Please use “Reference” materials and unlabeled items in the area and do not remove from the library.