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Sunday Mass Services

Our masses offered on Sunday

Sunday Night Supper

College Students! Join us every Sunday after 5:15 pm mass for free Supper! Supper will begin about 6:30 in the Events Center.

Sisters of Life are in Town

We are so lucky to have the Sisters of Life in town this week! If you are a college-aged woman and would like to meet with one of the sisters, please contact Leanne at Leanne@john23.com.

Women’s Dinner

The Sisters of Life will be hosting a Women’s Dinner for college-aged women. The Dinner will allow time for small group discussion over life’s big questions and time for community. Join us in the Event’s Center at 7!


The long awaited ADORE night is finally here, everyone! This month the Sisters of Life will be discussing the BIG question: Is there a love that never fails? Are you intrigued? Come find out the answer to that question and join in on the praise and worship, prayer teams, and confession. It’s the middle of […]

Candlelight Mass and Social

Every Thursday Night, we gather at Saint John XXIII for a 9:00 pm mass. The Church is illuminated by candles and absolutely beautiful. Feel free to stop in and encounter this beauty! We also have a social every week afterwards for college-aged students at 10:00 pm.

Ram Awakening 18

Ram Awakening is a retreat designed for college-age students in and around the Fort Collins, CO area Awakening is a three-day retreat beginning around 4:00 pm on a Friday and concluding around 4:00 pm on Sunday. There are a variety of talks and activities designed to “awaken” the faith within each of the retreaters. All college students, regardless of […]

Stations of the Cross and Confession

Come join us for a prayerful reflection time. We will have 14 rooms for meditation based on the Stations of the Cross. Stations and Confession will be available 9:00 am- 4:00 pm in the main church.